“Peace Is Beautiful”, Chirp Reply Persib for Persija

Aksi damai bobotoh dan Jakmania di luar Stadion Patriot, Jumat (28/7/2017) malam. Sebuah langkah awal yang sangat bagus untuk perdamaian antarsuporter di Tanah Air.

“Peace Is Beautiful”, Chirp Reply Persib for Persija

The tragedy of Ricko Andrean’s death, bobotoh who became the victim of the target of the beatings, leaving a deep sorrow for Indonesian football. Condolences of condolence flow from various supporters.

Regarding this matter, representatives of The Jakmania and bobotoh then held action 1,000 candles in the area of ​​Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Friday (28/7/17). Their passion for peace does not seem to be a figment.

Regarding this matter, neither The Jakmania nor bobotoh enliven the comments column of Persija and Persib Twitter. They hope so much that peace between The Jakmania and bobotoh will soon come true.

Action that was held The Jakmania and bobotoh is getting attention from Persija. Through their official Twitter account, @Persija_Jkt, Persija uploaded photos of The Jakmania and bobotoh that united and mingled.

Suddenly the tweet is replied directly by the official twitter account Persib Bandung, @persib.

#Respect Peace is beautiful # SATUINdonesia https://t.co/gHFx44TeoC

The events that had just happened to Ricko reminded all Indonesian supporters of the importance of peace. Football is a healthy sport, not a war zone that easily takes a person’s life.

Ricko is one of the bobotoh who became the victim of false misdirection of fellow bobotoh in the match Persib Persi Persija at Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA), Saturday (22/7/2017).


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