Bobotoh Coins to Pay Fine Persib Reach Rp 70 Million

Bobotoh Coins to Pay Fine Persib Reach Rp 70 Million

Bobotoh to raise funds to pay sanctions imposed PSSI Disciplinary Commission to Persib Bandung Rp 50 million. This fine related to choreography ‘Save Rohingya’ in Persib fight facing Semen Padang, Saturday, September 9, 2017 ago.

Total money collected for three days or since Thursday 14 September 2017 to Saturday (17/09/2017) amounting to Rp 70 million.

Viking Persib Club (VPC), Yana Umar, detailing Rp. 20,199,500 successfully collected the results of the ‘lease’ of the Viking districts. The rest is collected from bobotoh donation through website from zakat house.

“Counts up to yesterday (Saturday) until 23:00 pm, already collected Rp 20,199,500 and Rp 50 million more coins from the house of zakat, possibly still can be increased because there are still many bobotoh who want a honey,” said Yana, Sunday (17 / 9/2017).

Yana explained that his party is still open the opportunity for bobotoh who want to give donations. Later than to pay sanctions from Komdis PSSI, the rest of the money will be handed over to the Rohingya community in Myanmar.

“Although the target has been reached, we will still open the donation because then we will donate to Rohingya both here (coin) and that in Rumah Zakat. God willing transparent, bobotoh can see in zakat home web as well.”

“The plan of Monday (18/09/2017) we want to coordinate with the panpel Persib if it has agreed we will anterin Thank you to bobotoh and the community for his care.This is very amazing, I am very respectful, I salute the same bobotoh who have participated contributed, “he explained.


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